About Scott

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Mens Artistic Gymnastics Coach
  • All round Awesome guy

Started my work life as a window cleaner and kept that job for 14+ years before I decided life needed changing. I was always into my fitness having played football at a competitive level, but not long after the birth of my daughter I had a rough patch in life where I gained a bit of weight stopping any kind of fitness and hid away from the world. That changed thanks to my cousin who brought back my love of fitness, we trained hard and I made some serious lifestyle changes. Not long after getting back into the gym a good friend Neil asked if I had ever considered being a personal trainer and that is where my life changed.

Being in the gym is where I met the love of my life Abbie and together we are here to make a change to peoples lives.

Over the years I have developed a knowledge of inside and outside the body, with thanks to my qualification and a transformation programme by the one and only Jamie Alderton. Doing this helped me to realise where, why and how people fail in their goals and allowed me to bring this method into my Personal Training technique.

Having a daughter that did gymnastics made me fall back in love with the sport I did it as a child. After a few adult classes, again, I was asked if I had ever considered coaching and once again that has lead my to where I am today.

If you want help learning to lift weights, improve strength, being more functional or just learn how to do a back handspring then come chat with me and let’s change your life for the better.


I look forward to meeting you in the gym and hope to welcome you into the S P Athletic family.