Giovanni ‘Gio’

About Gio

Gio is a Pro, undefeated Mixed Martial Artist fighting out of the UK’s leading Jiu Jitsu gym (Nova Forca).

He started his fitness journey with a power lifting based style of training and quickly found a love for the sport. After a few years of power lifting he took up boxing to try and improve his overall fitness and knew straight away it was the thing for him.

After boxing non competitively for some time Gio turned to the Thai Martial Art of Muay Thai where his passion for fitness grew even further, He travelled to Thailand where he stayed for months training the art twice a day. He trained with the worlds leading Muay Thai gym Phuket Top Team surrounded by Kick Boxing, MMA, and Boxing world champions. When he returned he knew he wanted to fight. He joined a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym, within half a year he had his first bout.

Over the past few years Gio has adapted his styles of training endlessly to best suit his current goals. From rapid weight loss to strength and conditioning, to combat style situations for reaction movement and timing.