Pole Fitness

Strength and Flow

This class is run at Pole Fit Sutton.

Visit; www.polefitsutton.com for more information, view the timetable and get booking!



Pole Fitness combines a mix of strength building and fluid movement. Our class is suitable for all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced.

A typical lesson will include a conditioning warm up, pole conditioning then a variety of pole moves and a small stretch session to cool down.

Class Types and Levels

Pole Class

Available to all levels. A mix of conditioning, spins and / or tricks.



Pole strength training and conditioning.


Pole Jam

Supervised open pole and practice

Class Availability

Check our class timetable for availability

Pole Fitness Classes


What do I Wear to my First Pole Fitness Lesson?

For your first lesson leggings and a top.  However as time goes on, you may want to wear shorts and a sports bra for grip to help you achieve the moves.

Jewellery will need to be removed for the class and don’t apply moisturiser on the day.


Can I hire the Pole Studio?

Information coming soon… Please contact us for further details.

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