Kore Killer

One of the S P Athletic Killer classes


30 minutes of pure core exercises.

Body weight and free weights class helping to target your abdominals and obliques.


Core strength is vital for everyday life; supporting the spine, balance, stability and even simple things like sitting and standing (Squatting!!).

Training core will help to shape and tighten your waist as well as make all other training easier; legs, shoulders, chest..

On top of this help build your posture by training core and back.

Here’s an example of a Kore Killer class

Wednesday’s Core Workout! #SPathletic

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How many times per week

Our timetable is often updating to bring you more of what you want.  To check the latest times and availability of our classes, take a look at the schedule.

Free weights

Plates, dumbbells, kettlebells and more

Body weight

No weight just yourself

Clean eating

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet; protein, complex carbs, good fats and fruit & veg!