Kalorie Killer

Heart Rate Monitored High Intensity Class

This class is based on trying to burn as many calories as you possibly can in a 45 minute session doing a HIIT stlye training method.

The entire session you will be wearing at heart rate monitor that will transmit real time information to an app which will be shown on the TV screen in the studio, so you know exactly where you are in relation to the aims of the session.

With a personal trainer running the class you will be pushed to do as much as you can to maximize the effectiveness of your session while being educated on form and technique as to make sure you achieve your full potential each and every session.

During the session you start with a 5 minute pulse raiser to get going, from there you will go into either 20 minutes of cardio based exercises and finish with 20 minutes of weighted exercises or 20 minutes of weights followed by 20 minutes of cardio. All with the aim of trying to burn calories.

All results are worked out by inputting your date of birth, your height, weight and gender to get an accurate reading of how you worked over the 45 minute session.

Think you can burn the most amount of calories in a session, come to the gym and give it a try.


We’re often adding more classes to our schedule, check out our timetable to see when Kalorie Killer is on!